We make it easy to trust Pierup.

You matter, safety matters and trust matters. We want everyone to enjoy their time on the water and expect that everyone wants to connect through Pierup to make us all Better Together! Ambassadors share proof of residency and Navigators share proof of insurance. All to ensure that our community takes care of each other before entering in to their own agreements from our Pier to Peer Platform.

Security with payments ensures your money gets to the Ambassador(s). Account security measures are invoked so that you are protected while conducting business within Pierup. Extra protection is to make sure that you conduct your business through Pierup and stay on Pierup throughout your entire booking, renting and communication to payment. We use a multi-layer defense strategy for protection on our platform.

We use a secure message system within our platform to make sure that you are able to communicate within Pierup. We want you to always feel that with our platform we are better together. If you ever have questions that you want to discuss, please communicate with your Ambassador(s) and/or Navigator(s) through Pierup, and we are available at 443-333-1010 or please give us feedback through email - contact Pierup